Moore County Alcoholics Anonymous

Moore County has a thriving AA community with over 40 meetings per week. Meetings begin at 7:30 am and continue throughout the day into the evening. There is a time slot to accommodate everyone.

Serving: Aberdeen, Cameron, Carthage, FoxFire, Pinebluff, Pinehurst, Robbins, Southern Pines, Taylortown, Vass and Whispering Pines

Spring into Action Conference

Feb 1, 2020
New Hope Baptist Church, Sanford
10am-6pm –  FREE!

About Moore County AA

This website provides information for those seeking Alcoholic Anonymous meetings in the Moore County, NC. We also provide the meeting schedules for the 4 adjacent counties that comprise District 52 of North Carolina: Hoke, Lee, Richmond and Scotland Counties.

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Featured Speakers

The Sandhills Intergroup records speaker meetings for your enjoyment and inspiration. Please email us if you have a speaker you would like us to record.

Click here to view our You Tube Channel that we share with District 52 (Hoke, Lee, Richmond & Scotland Counties). The You Tube Channel includes a searchable list of archived speakers.




The video PSA “Doors” shares, within a unique visual presentation, the voices of A.A. members talking about their experiences with alcohol and how their lives have been changed in A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.


This site is maintained by the Sandhills Intergroup. We are a service committee formed for the purpose of supporting AA activities in the Moore County, NC. Our services include: telephone support (910) 420-0575, recorded speakers, quarterly newsletter and distribution of public information. To join Sandhills Intergroup and learn more click here >


Contact Us

Phone: (910) 420-0575

Do you have comments or questions concerning Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in the Moore County area of North Carolina? Fill out the form to contact us. OR call our answering service at (910) 420-0575. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.